Welcome to Rarduja International

Reaching out to Africans with our re-education campaign, sensitizing every African about the RISK factors faced when applying short cuts. Empowering the youth and building a better future.

What we Offer?

Like the acronym goes - Re-educating Africans on the Risk and Dangers of Unplanned Journey Abroad and Empowering the Youth (RARDUJA). We sensitize, nurture and empower.


Our objective is to reach out to every single person especially in Africa that is planning to travel abroad for any reason in future. We feel it is proper for people to ascertain their destination and plan well thereby preparing them to be fully aware of the journey ahead.

We Nurture

In the process of eradicating the wrong ideology of unplanned travel abroad, we go extra mile to create materials like books and also empower does that want to venture into skill acquisition programs that we also offer to build a better future.

We need your HELP!

We can do more if you join in our partnership program or make a charitable donation to save a lot of lives currently perishing in the desert and sea and also help to take the message all over the world.

Get empowered

Our empowerment program is a tool we use to unveil hidden potentials and use them for Nation building, preventing people to embark on unfruitful journeys abroad.

What People Say

We value what people say about us and put into consideration every single detail.


Try and do what you are suppose to do, due process is important, when you do it legally is fine nobody is saying you should not travel but we are saying if you do not have it as a plan, you should embark on it, so I join RARDUJA International to say NO to unplanned journey abroad.

Ayo Makun - AY Comedian